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Back in Time: Egypt vs Sierra Leone Afcon 2012 Qualifier

Pharoahs vs Leone Stars Cairo 2010

Sierra Leone will publish a series of articles from its’ vaults during this COVID-19 period to keep readers entertained.

Goal-keeper: Christian Caulker

Defenders: Umaru Bangura, Ibrahim Koroma, Ibrahim Kargbo(Capt.) Samuel Barlay.

Midfielders: Sheriff Suma, Rodney Strasser, Albert Jarrett

Forwards: Mohamed Bangura, Kei Kamara, Mustapha Bangura

Manager: Christian Cole

Competition: African Nations qualifier for 2012 played in Cairo, Egypt on 5th September 2010.

Context: 2010 As ever there were momentous battles being fought within SLFA. I remember an established team member being dropped in a bitter row on the ferry enroute to Lungi Airport. Such was the ineptitude and disorganisation in preparation for this crucial match, many had given up any hope of success against mighty Egypt. Many had to swallow their words as Leone Stars gave their finest performance away in a very long time. Enjoy…

Egypt vs Sierra Leone 2012 Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier

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