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CONGRATS to our Darling Leone Stars and Coach John Keister…you are all heroes. This is arguably the best come back in the history of African Football.

In my view….

Strasser, Alhaji Kamara and Bundu….the 3 of them changed the game and shows what youth transition can do…

This result is excellent but for us to appreciate It more we need to beat Nigeria at home

If I am not mistaken the table reads

Nig played 3 won 2 drawn 1 = 7 points

Benin played 2 won 1 lost 1 = 3 points

SL played 3 won 0 lost 1 drawn 2 = 2 points

Lesotho played 2 won 0 lost 1 drawn 1 = 1 point.

Benin has home and away matches against Lesotho….and those results are very significant…

But even if Benin gets 6 points….a win against Nigeria will give us 5 points…

And then 2 wins against Benin home and Lesotho away will qualify us…

But the most important match for us in this qualification is the home match against Nigeria…it could give us a real chance to qualify or dash our hopes of qualifying

I think with that second half performance we will beat nigeria at home…

This is the time our boys can emulate the 1994 and 96 squads and qualify us for the African Nations Cup 2021 Finals (to be played in 2022).

Leone Stars all the way!

I am a friend, not a foe! I mean well!

7 pm

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