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After an era of mediocrity in the 1960s , Sierra Leone’s soccer clubs entered a new era in the late 1970s and all of the 1980s when they made a brilliant impression on the minds of football fanatics in Africa.

We may not have won the Africa Cup of Champions or the Africa Cup-Winners Cup , though twice we came close to clinching the WAFU Cup, but clubs from Sierra Leone helped to make African competitions very thrilling and sensational.

There was the great Waterfront Boys–Ports Authority –who had one of the most exciting sides in the 1970s with inimitable names like Hassan Topeh Mansaray, Sorie Hercules, Joseph Ngaimoh Bangura, Aki Noah(whose head is encircled in pic), the great dribbler and goalscorer Sam Obi Metzger (seen third from right in the picture above), Christian Cole, Chico Cole, James Komboh, Wasiu Sunmonu etc.

Who will forget MIGHTY BLACKPOOL in 1978 when they made the Ghanaians notice that Sierra Leone was no longer “innocent” in soccer, when they humiliated the great Accra Hearts of Oak 2-0 in that epic Africa Club Champions match in Freetown ( with unforgettable goals from Allieu Ngayenga and Alusine Terry ? They upstaged the act in 1986 when they qualified for the Quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Champions.

Can anybody in West Africa ever forget SIERRA FISHERIES ? This was one of the teams that made Sierra Leoneans walk with pride when they ravaged and decimated teams in both the WAFU Cup and the 1982 Africa Cup of Champions, in which they eliminated three top African teams including the Mighty Enugu Rangers of Nigeria and the then powerful Sekondi Hassacas of Ghana ? Who has forgotten wonderful names like Abu Gbator Sesay, Abu Sankoh(Zagalo), Mahmoud Kamara, Idrissa Police Kamara, Atto Mensah, etc who made Fisheries one of West Africa’s best teams in the early 1980?

What about the Brazilians of Sierra Leone—Real Republicans–a name that still rings in the minds of West African soccer fans ? Who will ever forget names like Mazolla Kamara, Abu Syrian Bangura, Tejan Conteh, Albert Conteh, Goalkeeper Frank Williams ,Augustus Lawson, Amadu Rappel Kamara etc ?

What about “the Killers’ , the Red Roaring East End Lions , who played in the WAFU Cup final against the Niger Armed Forces Team in 1998 ? Lions may not have won any cup in Africa, but in West Africa (like Mighty Blackpool)they are one of the legendary names. They gave Sierra Leone one of Africa’s most sensational dribblers ever, the late Ishmael Dyfan and one of West Africa’s most uncanny goalkeepers Brima Attuga Kamara (also dead)

Sierra Leone is not known for winning trophies but when the books are ever written about teams that embellished football in West Africa, her name will not be left out.She has produced some brilliant teams.Even though they have no international glory to boast of, teams like Old Edwardians , Regents Olympic and Freetown United, as well as the now-disbanded Bolton Nationale and King Tom Rovers were all once good sides that played dazzling and flowing football to the fascination of soccer fans.

But the question many people in the diaspora are asking is “where have all these great clubs gone ?”.It is distressing that not much is being heard anymore about Sierra Leone’s famed soccer sides. What happened to all of them ?

Some Freetown-based Sierra Leoneans to whom this Editor posed the question replied that the first thing to be considered is that Sierra Leone no longer has a consistent and well-organized National League, as was the case in the past when we had one of the best-organized championship competitions in West Africa. There was a time in Sierra Leone when every football fan looked forward to the coming of the month of May, when the league championship competition will start and last until January when the season ended with the National F.A. Cup final.

Today, Sierra Leone soccer seems to be suffering first from a dearth of committed sports organizers and promoters. In the good, old days, we had people like Jamil Sahid Muhammed, Nahim Khadi, C.A.Camara-Taylor, Brigadier Joseph Momoh, Edward Akar Kassim Basma and others who really loved the game and ensured its continuity .They used to spend big to make sure that the game survived every year. Today , such football promoters are no longer in existence in the country.

There is also the complaint from soccer fans that this government has not given priority to sports. The people that the government has placed in top sporting positions are the main problem. They lack vision and creativity like the sports promoters of the past.They have failed to design sporting programs that will strenghten our soccer and keep the game and teams alive. Our top players could not be retained due to poor incentives and have abandoned their clubs to play abroad. Teams are dying from lack of sponsorship.

The very dismal performance of our national team, Leone Stars in the African Nations Cup and World Cup Qualifying is a reflection of the pitiful standard of football in present day Sierra Leone.

By Leeroy Kabs Kanu

Sierra Leone Lifetime Achievement Awards London 2016

Foday Sesay

Foday Sesay popularly known as ‘Chairman’ is an ex-Sierra Leonean international who was an intellegent central defender but rough. He is now based in Georgia, USA. He played many times for Leone Stars in the 80s and was captain of the team from 1985-1988. He skippered the team that nearly qualified for the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Morocco after eliminating both Liberia and Ghana but lost out in the final qualifying round 3-2 on aggregate to Nigeria.

He played his last game for Leone Stars against Guinea in the 1988 Amical Cabral Zone II football tournament held in Guinea Bissau. He lost three of his teeth during the match when he collided in the air with teammate goal keeper Osaio Marah.

At club level Sesay played for Real Republicans and also captained the team. He won domestic competitions including the Sierra Leone top flight league with Real Republicans and also played in several African and West African clubs competitions.

Gbassay Sesay

Gbassay Sesay is a former Sierra Leonean international attacking midfielder currently based in Portugal. He played club football in Sierra Leone and Portugal.

He started his club career with Bai Bureh Warriors of Port Loko before joining East End Lions in the 80’s. He won the league with East End Lions before moving to Portugal in 1988, where he played for seven clubs including top flight league teams Estrela da Amadora  and Victoria Setubal.

At Setubal he played alongside ex-Nigerian striker Rachidi Yekini who died few years ago.

Sesay played many times for Leone Stars in the 80s and 90s. He played several Amical Cabral Zone II football tournaments and African Cup of Nations qualifiers. He a member of the Leone Stars team that represented Sierra Leone in both the 1994 and 1996 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Tunisia and South Africa respectively. He scored the opening goal in Leone Stars’ 2-1 victory against Burkina Faso in the 1996 finals to become the first Sierra Leonean to score in an Africa Cup of Nations tournament. His last game for Sierra Leone was against Zambia in the same tournament.

Leslie Allen

Leslie Allen is a retired Sierra Leonean  footballer presently based in New York, USA. He played as both winger and striker for three Sierra Leonean top flight clubs Ports Authority, East End Lions and Old Edwardians.

He also played club football in Benin, Ivory Coast and Gabon. He had major surgery after he collided with Horoya FC of Guinea goal keeper Fode Laye Kamara during a West African Football Union (WAFU) club game in Conakry. He scored hat-trick in the first leg of the fixture in Freetown.

Allen won many caps with Leone Stars and scored goals. He was a member of the Leone Stars team that nearly qualified for the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Morocco after knocking out both Liberia and Ghana but lost out in the final qualifying round 3-2 on aggregate to Nigeria. He netted the winning goal against Liberia in Freetown.

He played in several West African sub regional Amical Cabral Zone II football tournaments and was a member of the Leone Stars team that first won the tournament in Freetown in 1993.

Allen was also a member of the Leone Stars team that represented Sierra Leone at the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations final in Tunisia. His last game for Leone Stars was during the 1997 Zone II tournament in Banjul.

Abdul Cole

Abdul Cole is a former Sierra Leonean international striker based in London, England.

He started his football career with a top tier league club in Sierra Leone Kamboi Eagles of Kenema before transferring to the capital city of Freetown to join Sierra Fisheries.

He was known for scoring goals as he helped Sierra Fisheries to win the Sierra Leone top flight league in 1987. He played in several African club competitions. He later moved to Morocco to continue his club career.

Cole played several games for Leone Stars including matches in Amical Cabral Zone II football tournaments. He scored the goal that defeated Senegal in Leone Stars’ opening game in the 1987 tournament held in Conakry, Guinea.

Idrissa ‘Police’ Kamara

Idrissa ‘Police’ Kamara was a Sierra Leonean international who died on 9th April 2010 in Columbus, Ohio, USA and was buried in Freetown. He was given the name ‘Police’ because he was an intelligent defender, who was very hard to beat.

He played club football for Sierra Fisheries and skippered the team to win domestic competitions including the 1987 top flight  league. He also captained the team to many African club competitions.

Kamara played many times for Leone Stars and was Vice captain of the team, deputising for Foday Sesay. He played in several Amical Cabral Zone II football tournaments. He was Vice captain of the Leone Stars team that finished as runners up in the 1986 Zone II tournament in Senegal after losing 3-1 to the hosts in the final.

He was a member of the Leone Stars team that almost qualifed for the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Morocco after eliminating Liberia in the first round and Ghana in the second round, but lost out in the final qualifying round 3-2 on aggregrate to Nigeria.

His last match for Sierra Leone was against Guinea in the 1988 Zone II tournament in Guinea Bissau.

Alusine Terry

Alusine Terry is a retired footballer who played for Sierra Leone, Wusum Stars of Bombali and Mighty Blackpool.

He was intelligent on the the pitch as he played many games for Sierra Leone including matches in the Amical Cabral Zone II tournaments.

He was a member of the Leone Stars team that almost qualified for the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Morocco.

Terry decided to hang his boot in the early 90’s and went into coaching. He now stays in London, England.


Goal King Award

Kei Ansu Kamara

Globalkall Young Player of the Year

Sullay Kaikai

Best Player of the Year

Kei Ansu Kamara

Mr Sol's Blog - An insiders view - Leone Stars vs Bafana Bafana Oct. 2010

Mr Sol’s Blog – An insiders view – Leone Stars vs Bafana Bafana Oct. 2010

Mr Sol’s blog  –  An Insiders View.

Leone Stars and Bafana Bafana walking on to the pitch at a full house National Stadium Freetown October 2010 (Photo credit: Fred Claye)

I had been booked on the Friday BMI flight from London to represent sponsors Mediatel/Hummel at the match. I arrived in good time at  check-in with 2 large boxes (70kg) of some last minute hummel kit required by the team.

Calls had been made in advance to Kevin McPhillips/BMI regarding the boxes so I was a bit rattled when told the boxes would have to be re-packed to get the weight down by 6 kilos. After quickly acquiring a small case, at an exhorbitant price, I set about the re-packaging area in full view of other travellers, scouring faces for anyone I recognised, there were none.

The re-packed boxes were checked in and I was hoping that would be it as regards the boxes.

On arrival at Lungi, I was met by our local rep. Everything was going surprisingly smoothly, got through passport control and collected  the boxes within 20 minutes of landing. I cast a satisfied glance towards the Bafana Bafana team and officials who were sat, looking very bored, around the luggage retrieval area whilst the boxes were being hastily wheeled towards the helicopter ticket office. A sudden loud voice shook me out of my state of complacency, Excuse me Sir! Excuse me Sir! Where are you going? I need to check those boxes!. No matter what our local rep explained the official was insistent. A couple of customs officials started opening the boxes. In seconds calls began to rain down thick and fast on the officials’  various mobile phones with him retorting repeatedly Yes Sah, Yes Sah, Ah Noh Bin Know Sah-  and without another word to us ordered his men to reseal the boxes.

On arrival at Aberdeen, the boxes were duly collected by an SLFA official, gratefully that was the last I heard or saw of them.

On Saturday morning I went to the Leone Stars training session at the National Stadium. A crowd of at least two to three thousand was already in there  and they kept coming for the later Bafana Bafana training session. I must admit on close inspection the pitch was not in good condition, but good footballers can adapt to play on any surface. What was noticeable was that this group of Leone Stars seem closer to the fans and, correct me if Im wrong, a lot of them have graduated to greater things through initially playing for home based clubs, East End Lions, Blackpool, Ports Authority(my team), Edwards, FC Kallon… There was a seriousness about Leone Stars in the way the went about their tasks. Little did I realise there were severe rumblings in the camp as they abruptly left the field and boarded the team bus.

On Saturday evening went to a dinner at the Country Lodge comprised of journalists from both sides. Paradoxically the head chef was South African. Banter was great between the two sides, leaving one with the impression the match would be close.

On Sunday morning, match day, I took part in a sports discussion show on Radio Kalleone explaining the role of Mediatel/Hummel and the story behind the collaboration and sponsorship.

Mediatel are principally a telecommunications company with POP’s in London, Sydney, Delhi, Hong Kong and Auckland but also have interests in Sports and Arts.

Mediatel were partners in bringing to London’s West End  the South African  smash hit musical Umoja during 2001.

During a business trip to Freetown in 2007 a director of Mediatel picked up on the nations fervour for football and returned to London determined to do something about it,  culminating in the invitation of Leone Stars to London as part of the bicentennial celebrations for the abolition of slavery in 2007.

During preparations for the match against Millwall, whilst looking for sponsors, Hummel expressed an interest in sponsoring the Leone Stars kit and if possible for a longer fixed term. Hummel at the time had no links with Sierra Leone and asked Mediatel to facilitate their requirement. Negotiations were started with SLFA and after 3 years(No easy task dealing with SLFA as SABC found to their detriment) an agreement was reached in July 2010 for full kit sponsorship of the team. Leone Stars were able to wear, for the first time, the specially designed home kit against Bafana Bafana though the jersey had been available since January 2009.

For Christian Stadil, Hummel owner, the sponsorship fits in line with with his company’s outlook – Company Karma.

“The spine of hummel is radiating positive company karma and spreading good energy. Hummel always try to give something back to people, causes and stories that we believe in.

Christian told me that the film Blood Diamonds had an effect on him and that we should not be surprised if we get to see Leonardo Di Caprio in the jersey to help promote his good causes for Sierra Leone.

Hummel are also closely linked with Save the Children’s Fund and make a donation to the Sierra Leone chapter on international sales of the jersey.

I was asked about the website( and how it came about. As part of the agreement Mediatel were to assist in SLFA communications. Fortunately, in the light of an absence of international tv coverage,  a radio feed had been tried and tested to broadcast the match in it’s entirety online. Mediatel will continue to develop the website with features such as online shopping, videos, podcasts, news and as much statutory information SLFA can supply to populate the site.

News kept filtering through about troubles in the Leone Stars camp and this was hours before the match.

I was ushered out of the show to get my highly prized Leone Stars jersey and head for the stadium. The crowds to the stadium were overwhelming. Once there it took over 2 hours to get to our seats.

It was refreshing to see the fans had taken to the  Hummel brand. There was a hierarchy of the type of jerseys fans wore. At the very top was the original official Hummel home jersey mainly worn by expatriates, Lebanese Sierra Leoneans and Presidential stand ticket holders. Next were the original Hummel away jerseys and then the plethora of fake Hummel jerseys to be seen everywhere.

The noise in the stadium was deafening, vuvuzela’s, drums, chanting and clapping far outweighing the piped music. All went up a notch when Leone Stars came out to warm up. I was surprised at the booing of Bafana Bafana  I suppose it all added to the intimidating atmosphere for them as they notably took a very long time to come on to the field I feared they had packed up and fled.

The match came and went in a blur. In the first half we controlled midfield. Rodney Strasser was a revelation ala Makalele/Vieira. The Bangura’s Mustapha and Mohamed up front were full of tricks outwitting the deep lying ponderous South African defence time and time again. Bafana offered little up front, I only remember them having one shot, that in the first 10 minutes which Caulker dealt with.

In the second half, Bafana withdrew and literally parked the bus. Khune their goalkeeper kept feigning injury after every one of his multitudinous saves, running the clock down

Cynical time-wasting after half-time must have been  Pitso’s gameplan after seeing Bafana could not match Leone Stars in ball play  regardless of the state of the pitch.

With time running out the great and the good around me had settled for the draw and started filing out. 1 minute to go–  the ball found it’s way to Poborsky, a one on one with the keeper, the keeper dived, Poborsky had an open goal from 10 yards, the crowd had begun  to celebrate in anticipation, Poborsky shot, high and wide, ref blew, Game over. Bafana escaped defeat by the skin of their teeth and they know it.

Que sierra, sierra Aug 6 2007


Millwall vs Leone Stars friendly as part of  2007 Bicentennial of Abolition of Slavery  Festivities London, UK.

Toby Porter Reports From The Den


MILLWALL won their first piece of silverware in six years with goals at either end of the game against Sierra Leone on Saturday.

Goals from Neil Harris and Gary Alexander helped win the Unity in the Community Cup, and gave the Lions the best possible preparation for the start of the 2006-07 season.

Gibrilla Kargbo’s volleyed goal in the 16th minute, though, was the best of some slick football the West Africans dished up to test their hosts.

That aside, Willie Donachie’s team held up resolutely against a technically gifted side – Kargbo was bouncing the ball on his heel in the warm-up before this game, staged to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery.

The Daily Mail would probably have you believe home fans were red-faced with fury at the prospect of this game. That sort of distortion goes down well with retired major-generals of Middle England.

But instead, the West Stand swayed to the chant: “Two-one – and a long way home” – disappointingly lacking in malice for any Mail readers out there.

Almost 900 Sierra Leone fans had come for the pre-match entertainment and to see their international stars at The Den. But they could have seen some of the visiting team a lot closer to home. Junior Kadi, once of Dulwich Hamlet and now of Bromley, had less far to come than some of the Millwall players.

And Millwall were a goal ahead with almost their first move, when Dave Brammer’s short corner came back to him and he chipped over a cross with the outside of his right foot.

Harris was unmarked in front of goal and arrowed his header into the visitors’ top right-hand corner as keeper Christian Caulker clawed at thin air.

Danny Spiller should have doubled the score three minutes later when  Alexander’s neat threaded ball put the midfielder through on goal, but Caulker smothered smartly.

Sierra Leone levelled 10 minutes later, after Brammer stabbed a back-pass into the path of Abdul Din-Sesay, who twisted on the edge of the area and knocked a low cross to Kargbo, who crashed a shot first time into Chris Day’s bottom right-hand corner.

Spiller’s attempt to restore the lead two minutes later was almost as impressive – he brought down Brammer’s pass and dinked the ball over a defender with a second touch, but keeper Caulker was well positioned to hold his left-footed shot.

Danny Senda’s 23rd-minute 40-yard drive didn’t trouble Caulker, while Alan Dunne headed over one of his crosses and Alexander nodded another at the keeper, who also had to push  Ben May’s effort onto a post, though a goal-kick was given by badly-named ref Alan Wiley.

May and Alexander combined well in the second half, with the former Leyton Orient hitman flicking on for his strike partner, who controlled well but couldn’t steer around a smothering Caulker.

At the other end, Day had to gather two Kemokai Kallon free-kicks from more than 40 yards, but last man Richard Shaw was lucky to stay on the field after holding back Mamady Bah with half an hour still to go.

Harris could have doubled his score when a goal-kick went straight to him, but he lifted his 79th-minute attempt over the bar and the game looked set to be decided on penalties.

The winner, though, came with only 30 seconds left, when Scott Barron’s soaring cross found Alexander unmarked in the box. He had enough time to have changed his mind several times about his options, but instead the striker’s glanced downward header left Caulker rooted to the spot.

Alexander’s first goal in a Millwall shirt saved Edwards having to face the penalty shoot-out. But judging by his starring role in the 1-0 midweek defeat by Southampton, it would have been a challenge he would have relished.

As Paul Robinson lifted the Unity in the Community Trophy after the game, Donachie would have been quietly pleased about the gradual improvement in his side during the last five weeks.

And the Lions board will have been just as happy to have staged a joyous anti-slavery celebration.

Some people seemed to want to boycott the event as being “too political” (translation: “too noble”). As a gesture, staying away was like a herd of diseased Surrey cattle boycotting bolt guns: years too late,completely ineffective,and full of bull anyway.

Some also tried to drown out the first words of the Sierra Leone national anthem before the start of the game.
But when your country has been torn apart by 10 years of civil war, having two lines of “High We Exalt Thee, Land of the Free” chanted down is unlikely to trouble you too much.

Sierra Leone - List of Champions

Prior to the formation of an official national league in 1980, three attempts were made to define a national club champion; these are apparently considered unofficial. Prior to that, regional competitions were held, most importantly among the clubs from the Western Area around Freetown, where the SLFA was founded.

National Club Championship

NB: prior to the first ever national league held in 1980, a few earlier attempts were made to

crown national champions (or rather, select teams for the African champions cup), but these

competitions are apparently not considered official.


1967/68 Blackpool (Freetown)

1975    Mammy Yoko

1977      apparently cancelled

National League

NB: first held in 1980.


1980    East End Lions (Freetown)

1981    Real Republicans (Freetown)

1982    Sierra Fisheries (Freetown)

1983    Real Republicans (Freetown)

1984    Real Republicans (Freetown)

1985    East End Lions (Freetown)

1986    Sierra Fisheries (Freetown)

1987    Sierra Fisheries (Freetown)

1988    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)

1989    Freetown United (Freetown)´

1990    Old Edwardians (Freetown)

1991    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown) [league abandoned, Blackpool awarded title]

1992    East End Lions (Freetown)

1993    East End Lions (Freetown)

1994    East End Lions (Freetown)

1995    Ports Authority (Freetown)

1996    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)

1997    East End Lions (Freetown)

1998    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)

1999    East End Lions (Freetown)

2000    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)

2001    Mighty Blackpool (Freetown)

2002      not played

2003      not played

2004      not played

2005    East End Lions (Freetown)

2006    Kallon FC (Freetown)

2008    Ports Authority (Freetown)

2009    East End Lions (Freetown)

2010    East End Lions (Freetown)

2011    Ports Authority (Freetown)

2012    Diamond Stars (Kono)

2013    Diamond Stars (Kono)

2014      not finished

2015      not played

2016      rebel league in progress


Championships (30; since 1980):


10 East End Lions


6 Mighty Blackpool


4 Kallon FC (includes Sierra Fisheries)


3 Ports Authority

Real Republicans


2 Diamond Stars (Kono)


1 Freetown United

Old Edwardians

Western Area

The championship of the Western Area around Freetown was organised by the SLFA until 1967,

when the WAFA took over.  After a national league was established in 1980, the regional

championship apparently disappeared (although it initially may have served as a kind of

qualifying competition for the nationwide tournament, which initially was decided by a final).



1923    East End GC                 [14 participating teams]

1924    Regents Olympic

1925    Regents Olympic

1926    Academy GC

1927    Bame Games Club

1928    Regents Olympic

1929    South End Tyrants

1930    Bame Games Club

1931    Old St Anthony

1932    Old St Anthony

1933    International

1934    Regents Olympic

1935-38   not known

1939    Regents Olympic

1940-43   not known

1944    Young Tigers

1945      not known

1946    Tigers

1947    East End Lions

1948    Young Tigers

1949    Everton

1950    Old Edwardians

1951    Police FC

1952    Sokro XI

1953    Regents Olympic

1954    East End Lions

1955    Blackpool

1956    U.A.C.

1957    Old Edwardians

1958    Railway

1959    Regent Olympic

1960    East End Lions

1961    Arsenal

1962    Blackpool

1963    Blackpool

1964    East End Lions

1965    East End Lions

1966    Blackpool


1967    Blackpool

1968    Old Edwardians

1969    Bolton Nationale

1970    Ports Authority

1971    Ports Authority

1972-73   not known

1974    Blackpool

1975/76 Blackpool

1976/77   abandoned

1977/78 Blackpool

1978-80   not known



About this document

Sources for data prior to 1935: [FIF 31], FIFA Handbook 1935

Additions thanks to Barry Baker and José Batalha

Prepared and maintained by Julio Bovi Diogo and Neil Morrison for the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation

Authors: Julio Bovi Diogo and Neil Morrison
Last updated: 3 Mar 2016

(C) Copyright Julio Bovi Diogo, Neil Morrison and RSSSF 1996/2016

Sierra Leone - Details of World Cup Matches




Date, Location, Stadium, Crowd


Scorer(s): Player time (Score after goal)


Team Lineup (Substitutions)-if known

Referee (Country)

Cards: [Y=Yellow, R=Red]-if known


NB: matches listed in reverse chronological order.



29/07/2001, Omdurman, El Meriekh Stadium, 8,000



SL: Mohamed Sesay (Komba Tomba 76′), Toronka Turay, Hassan Sesay,

Kelfala Mara, Abdulai Kamara, Serry Turay (Mohamed Conteh 74′), Philip

Koroma (Albert Fuday 58′), Billy Coker, Ernest Koroma, Abdulai Sesay,

Gibrilla Woobay

Referee: Yusuf Suleiman Awuye (Uganda)

Cards: Toronka Turay [Y 20′]


14/07/2001, Freetown, National Stadium, 40,000



SL: Mohamed Sesay, Safa Sama Pa, Hassan Sesay (Jamal Kargbo 79′),

Kemokai Kallon, Kewullay Conteh, Mahmadu Bah, Mohamed Kallon, Ibrahim

Kargbo (Alispah Brewah 41′), Abdulai Kamara, Ernest Koroma, Gibrilla


Referee: Modou Sowe (Gambia)

Cards: Ibrahim Kargbo [Y 21′], Mahmadu Bah [Y 36′], Kewullay Conteh

[Y 47′], Kemokai Kallon [Y 58′]


05/05/2001, Freetown, National Stadium, 35,000


Scorer: Mahmadu Bah 87′ (1-1)


SL: Mohamed Sesay, Sidique Mansaray, Safa Sama Pa, Toronka Turay,

Mahmadu Bah, Mohamed Dabundeh, John Keister, Ernest Koroma, Abdulai

Kamara, Alispah Brewah (Billy Coker 65′), Gibrilla Woobay

Referee: Abdou Diouf (Senegal)

Cards: Toronka Turay [Y 25′], John Keister [Y 28′], Abdulai Kamara

[Y 73′], Mahmadu Bah [Y 88′]


21/04/2001, Freetown, National Stadium, 35,000


Scorer: Sidique Mansaray 25′ (1-0)


SL: Mohamed Sesay, Sidique Mansaray, Safa Sama Pa, Toronka Turay,

Mohamed Kallon, John Keister, Abdulai Kamara (Hassan Sesay 73′), Ernest

Koroma, Gibrilla Woobay, Alispah Brewah

Referee: Sahraf Aboubacar (Ivory Coast)

Cards: John Keister [Y 37′], Toronka Turay [Y 54′], Safa Sama Pa [Y 66′]


10/03/2001, Freetown, National Stadium, 30,000



SL: Mohamed Sesay, Sidique Mansaray (Serry Turay 75′), Safa Sama Pa,

Ibrahim Kamara, Kewullay Conteh, Chernor Mansaray, Mohamed Kallon, Abu

Kanu (Abdulai Kamara 60′), Ernest Koroma, Francis Koroma (Amidu Jamiru

46′), Abdulai Sesay

Referee: Atef Yacoubi

Cards: Ibrahim Kamara [Y 26′]


25/02/2001, Paynesville, Samuel Doe Stadium, 35,000



SL: Mohamed Sesay, Sidique Mansaray (Serry Turay 76′), Safa Sama Pa,

Toronka Turay, Ibrahim Kamara, Kewullay Conteh, Mahmadu Bah, Mohamed

Kallon, Ernest Koroma (Hassan Sesay 62′), Abdulai Sesay, Abdulai Kamara

(Francis Koroma 62′)

Referee: Malick Sillah (Gambia)

Cards: Mahamadu Bah [Y 45′]


09/07/2000, Accra, Accra Sports Stadium, 45,000



SL: Komba Yamba, Safa Sama Pa, John Keister (Sidique Mansaray 69′),

Mohamed Mansaray, Ibrahim Kamara, Mohamed Kanu (Abdulai Kamara 69′),

Bah Abu Bakar (Kewullay Conteh 59′), Mohamed Kallon, Mahmadu Bah,

Ernest Kamara, Ibrahim Kargbo

Referee: Modou Sowe (Gambia)

Cards: Mohamed Mansaray [Y 14′,R 54′], Mohamed Kallon [Y 41′],

Komba Yomba [Y 67′]


17/06/2000, Lagos, National Stadium, 25,000



SL: Komba Yomba, Mohamed Conteh (Abu Kanu 60′), Ibrahim Kamara, John Keister,

Toronka Turay, Ibrahima Koné (Kabba Samura 73′), Mohamed Kanu, Ernest Kamara,

Kemokai Kallon (Abdulrahman Sesay 83′), Mahmadu Bah

Referee: Malick Sillah (Gambia)

Cards: Toronka Turay [Y 46′], Mahmadu Bah [Y 77′]


22/04/2000, Freetown, National Stadium, 65,000


Scorers: Chernor Mansaray 32′ (1-0), Chernor Mansaray 46′ (2-0),

Abu Kanu 58′ (3-0), Sidique Mansaray 79′ (4-0)


SL: Komba Yomba, Safa Sama Pa, Kewullay Conteh, Mohamed Mansaray (Sidique

Mansaray 49′), Mohamed Kanu (John Keister 88′), Chernor Mansaray, Mohamed

Kallon, Abu Kanu (Abdulrahman Sesay 87′), Ibrahim Kamara, Francis Koroma,

Kemokai Kallon

Referee: Idrissa Kaba (Liberia)

Cards: Abu Kanu [Y 36′], Kemokai Kallon [Y 69′]


08/04/2000, Sao Tome, Estadio 12 de Julho, 6,500



SL: Jonathan Taylor, Charlie Wright, Toronka Turay, Hassan Sesay,

Serry Turay (Abdulrahman Sesay 62′), Amidu Jamiru (Sidique Mansaray 65′),

Mohamed Kamara, Ibrahim Kamara, Ernest Kamara (Shiek Sesay 88′), Abdulai

Sesay, Kelfala Mara

Referee: Gilbert Njike (Cameroon)

Cards: Toronka Turay [Y 20′], Charlie Wright [Y 28′], Mohamed Kamara [Y 48′],

Hassan Sesay [Y 55′], Abdulai Sesay [R 86′]




17/08/1997, Accra, Len Clay Stadium, 3,000


Scorers: Jamiru Amidu 14′ (0-1), Mohamed Kallon 47′ (0-2)


SL: Komba Yomba, Francis Koroma, Ibrahim Kamara, Alpha Lansana, Abdulai Sesay,

John Coker (Billy Coker 60′), Abubaker Kamara (Charlie Wright 87′), Mohamed

Conteh, Jamiru Amidu, Mohamed Kallon, Mohamed Mansaray (Vannie Bockarie 60′)

Referee: Lazare Essimi Mbengue (Cameroon)

Cards: Alpha Lansana [Y 30′], Charlie Wright [Y 89′]


26/04/1997, Freetown, National Stadium, 45,000



SL: Brima Kamara, Francis Koroma, Mohamed Mansaray, John Sama (Vidal

Wilhelm 71′), Abu Kanu (Francis Koroma 50′), Mohamed Kallon, Kemokai

Kallon, Mohamed Kanu (John Keister 62′), Lamin Conteh, Musa Kanu, Abu


Referee: Fall N’Doye (Senegal)

Cards: Kemokai Kallon [Y 61′], Brima Kamara [R 76′]


05/04/1997, Freetown, National Stadium, 70,000


Scorer: Lamin Conteh 87′ (1-1)


SL: Brima Kamara, Francis Koroma, Mohamed Mansaray, John Sama, Abu Kanu,

Mohamed Kallon, Kemokai Kallon, Mohamed Kanu (John Coker 84′), Lamin

Conteh, Amidu Karim (Ibrahim Koroma 71′), Abu Kamara

Referee: Lucien Bouchardeau (Niger)


11/01/1997, Freetown, National Stadium, 40,000


Scorer: Abu Kanu 46′ (1-0)


SL: Brima Kamara, Francis Koroma, Mohamed Mansaray, Musa Kanu, Abu Kanu

(Chernor Mansaray 57′), Mohamed Kallon, Kemokai Kallon, Mohamed Conteh,

Lamin Conteh, Rashin Wurie (Ibrahim Koroma 46′), Abu Kamara

Referee: Olufemi Olaniyan (Nigeria)

Cards: Mohamed Kallon [Y 62′]


09/11/1996, Rabat, Prince Moulay Abdellah, 30,000



SL: Kelfalla Marah, Francis Koroma, Mathews Tieh, Mustapha Sama, Lamin

Conteh, Mohamed Kallon, Kemokai Kallon, Mohamed Conteh (Billy Coker 84′),

John Coker, Abubaker Bah (Hassan Sesay 84′), Alpha Sillah (Edward Sesay 67′)

Referee: Olufemi Olaniyan (Nigeria)

Cards: Mohamed Conteh [Y 12′], Francis Koroma [Y 41′]


16/06/1996, Freetown, Brookfields Stadium, 40,000



SL: Brima Kamara, Francis Koroma, Mohamed Kanu, Steven Musa, Lamin Conteh,

Mohamed Kallon, Rashin Wurie, Mohamed Conteh (John Coker 82′), Ibrahim

Bah (Mathews Tieh 60′), Gbessay Bangura, Chernor Mansaray (Abdul Bangura 46′)

Referee: Olufemi Olaniyan (Nigeria)

Cards: Gbessay Bangura [Y 27′], Lamin Conteh [Y 46′]


02/06/1996, Bujumbura, Stade Prince Louis Rwagasore, 6,000



SL: Brima Kamara, Francis Koroma, Alhaji Kamara, Steven Musa, Abdulai Sesay,

Jalloh Alhaji, Andrew Bangura (John Coker 67′), Mohamed Conteh, Ibrahim Bah,

Gbessay Bangura, Chernor Mansaray (Abubaker Bah 80′)

Referee: Salah Ahmed Mohamed Salih (Sudan)

Cards: Alhaji Kamara [Y,R]






15/07/1984, Rabat, Prince Moulay Abdellah



SL: Brima Kamara, Momoh Kanu, Joseph Toby, Faday Sesay, Terry Alusine,

Abu Sesay, Amadu Kamara, Abdul Cole, John Johnson, Saidu Kanu,

Idrissa Kamara

Referee: Badara (Senegal)

Cards: Saidu Kanu [Y 80′]


30/06/1984, Freetown, National Stadium



SL: Brima Kamara, Abu Sesay, Joseph Toby, Faday Sesay, Terry Alusine,

Abu Sankoh, Amadu Kamara, Michael Effiong, John Johnson, Saidu Kanu,

Idrissa Kamara

Referee: Watekou (Togo)




13/06/1980, Oran, Stade du 19 Juin, 50,000


Scorer: Sentu Johnson 79′ (3-1)


SL: Thomas Quinton, Amadu Kamara, Abdulai Jalloh, Kabba Kamara, Joseph

Toby, George Floode, Alusine Sesay, Akie Noah, Sentu Johnson, Ismail

Dyfan, Joseph Morsay

Referee: Youssef El-Ghoul (Libya)


31/05/1980, Freetown, Siaka Stevens Stadium, 50,000


Scorers: Akie Noah 58′ (1-0), Ismael Dyfan 60′ (2-0)


SL: Thomas Quinton, Amadu Kamara, Abdulai Jalloh, Kelfallah Kamara,

Joseph Toby, George Floode, Alusine Sesay, Akie Noah, Sentu Johnson,

Ismail Dyfan, Nabieu Bangura

Referee: Tevi Hetcheli (Togo)

Cards: Akie Noah [Y], Ismail Dyfan [Y]




30/10/1976, Lagos, Surulere Stadium, 25,996


Scorers: Ismail Dyfan 74′ (5-1), Mohammed Sama 88’pen (6-2)


SL: Frank Williams (Idrissa Bangoura 32′), Edward Campbell, Abu Bangoura,

Mohammed Sama, Buba Kamara, Ibrahim Jalloh, Danid Eamara, Wasieu Sounmonu,

Albert Conteh, Ismail Dyfan, Augustus Lawson

Referee: Gration Matovu (Tanzania)


16/10/1976, Freetown, Kington Sports Ground, 5,173



SL: Frank Williams, Edward Campbell, Abu Bangoura, Mohammed Sama, Buba

Kamara, Ibrahim Jalloh, Abdul Muckni, William Songo, Brima Kamara,

Ismail Dyfan, Augustus Lawson

Sub Used: Wasieu Sounmonu

Referee: Joel Turkson (Ghana)


21/03/1976, Niamey, Stade National, 1,641 (5,000)


Scorer: William Sango 37′ (1-1)


SL: Frank Williams, Edward Campbell, Abu Bangoura, Albert Conteh, Umaru

Sesay, Ibrahim Jalloh, Brima Kamara, William Sango, Kama Dumbuya, Wasieu

Sounmonu, Ade Swarray

Referee: Thompson Shakirudeen Badru (Nigeria)


07/03/1976, Freetown, National Stadium, 4,250


Scorers: Kama Dumbuya 37′ (1-1), Wasieu Sounmonu 57′ (2-1),

Wasieu Sounmonu 66′ (3-1), Kama Dumbaya 68′ (4-1), Samuel Turay 70′ (5-1)


SL: Frank Williams, Edward Campbell, Abu Bangoura, Albert Conteh (Christian

Cole), Umaru Sesay, Ibrahim Jalloh, Kama Dumbuya, William Sango, Brima

Kamara, Wasieu Sounmonu, Ade Swarray (Samuel Turay 46′)

Referee: Aguiahr Komla Barto (Togo)




29/10/1972, Stade Felix Houphouet-Boigny, 4,135



SL: Frank Williams, Nathaniel Johnson, Abu Bangoura, Manneh Peters, Umaru

Sesay, John Sherrington, Azuna Kabia, Samuel Obi Metzger, Christian Cole,

Kama Dumbuya, Augustus Lawson

Referee: Moustapha N’Gom (Senegal)


15/10/1972, Freetown, Estadio Costa D’Avorio, 9,200



SL: Amadu Kargo, Nathaniel Johnson, Abu Bangoura, John Sherrington, Umaru

Sesay, Manneh Peters, Kama Dumbuya, Joseph Bangoura, Christian Cole,

Wasieu Sounmonu, Augustus Lawson

Referee: Jean-Louis Faber (Guinea)



About this document

Prepared and maintained by Barrie Courtney for the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation

Author: Barrie Courtney (
Last updated: 10 May 2003

(C) Copyright Barrie Courtney and RSSSF 2003

Games for the 2006 World Cup/Nations Cup qualifiers are included in the World Cup figures only.
LAST UPDATE: 06/08/2006
ALGERIA 5 1 2 2 4 7 40.00%
BURKINA FASO 1 1 0 0 2 1 100.00%
BURUNDI 2 0 0 2 0 2 0.00%
CAMEROON 2 0 1 1 1 2 25.00%
CAPE VERDE ISLANDS 8 4 2 2 9 4 62.50%
CHINA 1 0 0 1 1 4 0.00%
CONGO 4 2 1 1 6 4 62.50%
EQUATORIAL GUINEA 2 2 0 0 5 1 100.00%
GABON 4 2 0 2 3 3 50.00%
GAMBIA 19 9 6 4 24 15 63.16%
GHANA 16 5 4 7 19 29 43.75%
GUINEA 24 6 6 12 18 31 37.50%
GUINEA BISSAU 9 6 3 0 15 5 83.33%
IVORY COAST 5 0 0 5 0 12 0.00%
JORDAN 1 1 0 0 2 1 100.00%
LIBERIA 12 5 3 4 11 9 54.17%
MALAWI 2 0 0 2 2 9 0.00%
MALI 11 2 6 3 9 11 45.45%
MAURITANIA 5 3 1 1 4 2 70.00%
MOROCCO 7 0 1 6 0 12 7.14%
NIGER 4 2 0 2 13 8 50.00%
NIGERIA 17 1 5 11 10 35 20.59%
SAO TOME E PRINCIPE 2 1 0 1 4 2 50.00%
SENEGAL 17 5 5 7 16 19 44.12%
SUDAN 2 0 0 2 0 5 0.00%
TOGO 5 1 1 3 2 6 30.00%
TUNISIA 3 1 0 2 1 4 33.33%
ZAMBIA 2 0 1 1 0 4 25.00%
TOTAL 192 60 48 84 181 247 43.75%
World Cup Finals –.–%
World Cup Quals (H) 15 4 5 6 16 13 43.33%
World Cup Quals (A) 14 1 0 13 6 36 7.14%
World Cup Total 29 5 5 19 22 49 25.86%
Nations Cup Finals 5 1 1 3 2 11 30.00%
Nations Cup Quals (H) 23 13 7 3 33 13 71.74%
Nations Cup Quals (A) 24 5 4 15 21 40 29.17%
Nations Cup Total 52 19 12 21 56 64 48.08%
Competitive Total 81 24 17 40 78 113 40.12%
22/11/2005 Guinea Guinea 0-1 Amilcar Rd 1
20/11/2005 Guinea Bissau Guinea 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
14/06/2005 Guinea Sierra Leone 2-0 Peace Trophy*
12/06/2005 Gambia Sierra Leone 1-0 Peace Trophy
10/06/2005 Liberia Sierra Leone 2-0 Peace Trophy
16/11/2003 Congo Sierra Leone 1-1 Ancq/Wcq
12/10/2003 Congo Congo 0-1 Ancq/Wcq
06/07/2003 Gabon Gabon 0-2 Ancq
22/06/2003 Eq Guinea Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
08/06/2003 Morocco Morocco 0-1 Ancq
29/03/2003 Morocco Sierra Leone 0-0 Ancq
19/10/2002 Ghana Sierra Leone 2-1 Fr
12/10/2002 Gabon Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
08/09/2002 Eq Guinea Eq Guinea 3-1 Ancq
25/08/2002 Gambia Gambia 0-1 Fr
29/07/2001 Sudan Sudan 0-3 Wcq
14/07/2001 Liberia Sierra Leone 0-1 Wcq
10/06/2001 Gambia Sierra Leone 1-1 Fr
04/05/2001 Ghana Sierra Leone 1-1 Wcq
21/04/2001 Nigeria Sierra Leone 1-0 Wcq
10/03/2001 Sudan Sierra Leone 0-2 Wcq
23/02/2001 Liberia Liberia 0-1 Wcq
03/09/2000 Togo Togo 0-2(2-4p) Ancq
20/08/2000 Togo Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
07/07/2000 Ghana Ghana 0-5 Wcq
17/06/2000 Nigeria Nigeria 0-2 Wcq
08/05/2000 Gambia Cape Verde Is 2-2 Amilcar Rd 1
06/05/2000 Cape Verde Is Cape Verde Is 0-1 Amilcar Rd 1
22/04/2000 Sao Tome Sierra Leone 4-0 Wcq
08/04/2000 Sao Tome Sao Tome 0-2 Wcq
04/12/1999 Gambia Gambia 0-0 Fr
03/10/1998 Morocco Morocco 0-1 Ancq
03/12/1997 Mali Gambia 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
01/12/1997 Guinea Gambia 0-3 Amilcar Rd 1
29/11/1997 Guinea Bissau Gambia 2-1 Amilcar Rd 1
17/08/1997 Ghana Ghana 2-0 Wcq
26/04/1997 Morocco Sierra Leone 0-1 Wcq
05/04/1997 Ghana Sierra Leone 1-1 Wcq
29/03/1997 Senegal Sierra Leone 2-1 Fr
23/02/1997 Guinea Guinea 0-1 Ancq
11/01/1997 Gabon Sierra Leone 1-0 Wcq
09/11/1996 Morocco Morocco 0-4 Wcq
06/10/1996 Tunisia Tunisia 0-2 Ancq
16/06/1996 Burundi Sierra Leone 0-1 Wcq
02/06/1996 Burundi Burundi 0-1 Wcq
24/01/1996 Zambia South Africa 0-4 AFRICA Rd 1
18/01/1996 Algeria South Africa 0-2 AFRICA Rd 1
16/01/1996 Burkina Faso South Africa 2-1 AFRICA Rd 1
06/01/1996 Liberia Sierra Leone 2-1 Fr
17/12/1995 Liberia Sierra Leone 1-0 Fr
27/11/1995 Mauritania Mauritania 0-0(4-2p) Amilcar Final
25/11/1995 Cape Verde Is Mauritania 2-0 Amilcar Sf
22/11/1995 Senegal Mauritania 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
20/11/1995 Guinea Bissau Mauritania 2-0 Amilcar Rd 1
18/11/1995 Guinea Mauritania 2-0 Amilcar Rd 1
12/11/1995 Ghana Ghana 0-2 Fr
22/10/1995 Gabon Gabon 0-1 Fr
03/06/1995 Niger Sierra Leone 5-1 Ancq
26/04/1995 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast 0-4 Fr
22/04/1995 Congo Congo 2-0 Ancq
08/04/1995 Ghana Sierra Leone 1-0 Ancq
07/01/1995 Gambia Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
01/01/1995 Guinea Guinea 1-3 Fr
13/11/1994 Niger Niger 2-4 Ancq
15/10/1994 Congo Sierra Leone 3-2 Ancq
04/09/1994 Ghana Ghana 1-4 Ancq
29/03/1994 Zambia Tunisia 0-0 AFRICA Rd 1
27/03/1994 Ivory Coast Tunisia 0-4 AFRICA Rd 1
05/12/1993 Senegal Sierra Leone 2-0 Amilcar Final
03/12/1993 Mali Sierra Leone 2-0 Amilcar Sf
30/11/1993 Gambia Sierra Leone 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
28/11/1993 Ghana Sierra Leone 2-3 Fr
26/11/1993 Guinea Sierra Leone 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
09/08/1993 Guinea Guinea 0-4 Fr
08/08/1993 Guinea Guinea 0-1 Fr
11/07/1993 Senegal Senegal 1-1 Ancq
24/04/1993 Guinea Bissau Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
09/04/1993 Algeria Algeria 0-0 Ancq
09/01/1993 Togo Sierra Leone 0-0 Ancq
16/12/1992 Guinea Guinea 0-0 Fr
14/12/1992 Guinea Guinea 1-1 Fr
07/11/1992 Senegal Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
04/10/1992 Guinea Bissau Guinea Bissau 3-0 Ancq
29/08/1992 Algeria Sierra Leone 1-0 Ancq
30/11/1991 Cape Verde Is Senegal 0-0(1-4p) Amilcar Sf
28/11/1991 Gambia Senegal 0-0 Amilcar Rd 1
26/11/1991 Mali Senegal 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
24/11/1991 Guinea Senegal 1-0 Amilcar Rd 1
27/07/1991 Mali Sierra Leone 1-0 Ancq
14/07/1991 Cameroon Cameroon 0-1 Ancq
27/04/1991 Guinea Sierra Leone 0-1 Ancq
14/04/1991 Mali Mali 0-0 Ancq
01/09/1990 Cameroon Sierra Leone 1-1 Ancq
18/08/1990 Guinea Guinea 2-1 Ancq
24/12/1989 Senegal Senegal 0-1 Fr
03/06/1989 Cape Verde Is Mali 0-1 Amilcar 3/4
02/06/1989 Mali Mali 0-1 Amilcar Sf
27/05/1989 Guinea Mali 0-1 Amilcar Rd 1
25/05/1989 Mauritania Mali 2-1 Amilcar Rd 1
26/11/1988 Liberia Liberia 0-0 Liberia Tmt
25/11/1988 Guinea Liberia 0-1 Liberia Tmt
07/05/1988 Senegal Guinea Bissau 1-2 Amilcar 3/4
05/05/1988 Guinea Guinea Bissau 0-3 Amilcar Sf
02/05/1988 Senegal Guinea Bissau 2-2 Amilcar Rd 1
30/04/1988 Gambia Guinea Bissau 3-1 Amilcar Rd 1
28/04/1988 Guinea Bissau Guinea Bissau 0-0 Amilcar Rd 1
18/07/1987 Nigeria Sierra Leone 2-2 Ancq
04/07/1987 Nigeria Nigeria 0-3 Ancq
31/05/1987 Tunisia Tunisia 0-2 Ogq
16/05/1987 Tunisia Sierra Leone 1-0 Ogq
11/04/1987 Ghana Sierra Leone 1-1 Ancq
30/03/1987 Ghana Ghana 2-1 Ancq
02/03/1987 Senegal Guinea 0-0(2-3p) Amilcar 3/4
01/03/1987 Mali Guinea 0-0(0-4p) Amilcar Sf
27/02/1987 Cape Verde Is Guinea 2-0 Amilcar Rd 1
23/02/1987 Senegal Guinea 1-0 Amilcar Rd 1
19/10/1986 Liberia Liberia 1-1 Ancq
05/10/1986 Liberia Sierra Leone 1-0 Ancq
10/02/1986 Senegal Senegal 1-3 Amilcar Final
08/02/1986 Guinea Senegal 2–1 Amilcar Sf
06/02/1986 Guinea Bissau Senegal 3-2 Amilcar Rd 1
04/02/1986 Gambia Senegal 2-1 Amilcar Rd 1
02/02/1986 Mauritania Senegal 1-0 Amilcar Rd 1
15/02/1985 Gambia Gambia 1-1 Amilcar Rd 1
13/02/1985 Cape Verde Is Gambia 2-2 Amilcar Rd 1
11/02/1985 Guinea Bissau Gambia 0-0 Amilcar Rd 1
02/12/1984 Gambia Sierra Leone 2-0 Ancq
18/11/1984 Gambia Gambia 2-3 Ancq
15/07/1984 Morocco Morocco 0-4 Wcq
30/06/1984 Morocco Sierra Leone 0-1 Wcq
19/02/1984 Senegal Sierra Leone 0-0(3-5p) Amilcar Final
16/02/1984 Mali Sierra Leone 0-0(4-2p) Amilcar Sf
12/02/1984 Guinea Sierra Leone 0-0 Amilcar Rd 1
10/02/1984 Gambia Sierra Leone 1-0 Amilcar Rd 1
08/02/1984 Cape Verde Is Sierra Leone 2-0 Amilcar Rd 1
08/01/1984 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast 0-1 Fr
04/01/1984 Gambia Gambia 0-1 Gambia Final
02/01/1984 Mauritania Gambia 1-0 Gambia Sf
25/07/1983 Cape Verde Is Mauritania 1-0 Amilcar Rd 1
23/07/1983 Mauritania Mauritania 0-1 Amilcar Rd 1
21/07/1983 Mali Mauritania 1-3 Amilcar Rd 1
17/04/1983 Jordan Sierra Leone 2-1 Fr
20/02/1983 Gambia Gambia 1-0(2-4p) Cedeao q
06/02/1983 Gambia Sierra Leone 0-1 Cedeao q
28/11/1982 Togo Sierra Leone 0-1 Ancq
14/11/1982 Togo Togo 0-3 Ancq
07/11/1982 Liberia Liberia 0-1 Fr
15/02/1982 Senegal Cape Verde Is 0-2 Amilcar Rd 1
13/02/1982 Guinea Cape Verde Is 0-1 Amilcar Rd 1
11/02/1982 Guinea Bissau Cape Verde Is 2-1 Amilcar Rd 1
30/11/1980 Senegal Sierra Leone 1-2 Ancq
17/11/1980 Senegal Senegal 0-2 Ancq
13/06/1980 Algeria Algeria 1-3 Wcq
31/05/1980 Algeria Sierra Leone 2-2 Wcq
04/03/1980 Guinea Sierra Leone 3-2 Fr
06/01/1980 Ghana Sierra Leone 2-4 Fr
17/11/1979 Liberia Sierra Leone 3-1 Ogq
06/07/1978 Malawi Malawi 0-5 Fr
27/08/1977 Nigeria Nigeria 0-2 Ecowas Games
26/03/1977 Nigeria Nigeria 0-2 Ancq
12/03/1977 Nigeria Sierra Leone 1-1 Ancq
30/10/1976 Nigeria Nigeria 2-6 Wcq
16/10/1976 Nigeria Sierra Leone 0-0 Wcq
08/07/1976 Malawi Malawi 2-4 Fr
21/03/1976 Niger Niger 1-2 Wcq
07/03/1976 Niger Sierra Leone 5-1 Wcq
05/05/1974 China China 1-4 Fr
30/09/1973 Mali Mali 2-4 Ancq
16/09/1973 Mali Sierra Leone 1-1 Ancq
12/12/1972 Nigeria Nigeria 0-4 Fr
04/12/1972 Nigeria Sierra Leone 0-1 Fr
01/12/1972 Ghana Ghana 1-1 Agq
29/10/1972 Ivory Coast Ivory Coast 0-2 Wcq
15/10/1972 Ivory Coast Sierra Leone 0-1 Wcq
11/12/1971 Nigeria Sierra Leone 0-0 Fr
25/07/1971 Senegal Senegal 1-2 Fr
24/04/1971 Gambia Sierra Leone 3-1 Fr
13/02/1971 Nigeria Nigeria 0-1 Fr
07/02/1971 Ghana Ghana 1-2 Fr
31/01/1971 Ghana Ghana 2-1 Fr
13/01/1971 West GermanyB Sierra Leone 0-1 Fr*
01/11/1970 Guinea Sierra Leone 1-2 Fr
11/10/1970 Senegal Sierra Leone 1-0 Fr
02/02/1969 Guinea Guinea 1-1 Fr
14/12/1968 Guinea Sierra Leone 1-1 Fr
16/11/1968 Gambia Sierra Leone 2-1 Fr
27/01/1968 Nigeria Nigeria 1-4 Fr
02/12/1967 Guinea Guinea 2-1 Fr
14/10/1967 Nigeria Sierra Leone 1-1 Fr
19/11/1966 Liberia Liberia 0-2 Fr
12/11/1966 Liberia Sierra Leone 1-1 Fr
22/04/1961 Nigeria Sierra Leone 2-4 Fr
??/??/1954 Gold Coast Gold Coast 0-2 Fr
10/08/1949 Nigeria Sierra Leone 0-2 Fr
Wcq = World Cup Qualifier
Ancq = African Nations Cup Qualifier
Fr = Friendly International
* = Unsure of status/not a full international

All matches without a ‘*’ are included.

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