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FC Kallon

FC Kallon

Full name Kallon Football Club
Founded 2002
Ground Siaka Stevens Stadium
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Capacity 36,000
Owner Mohamed Kallon
Chairman Mohamed Kallon
Manager Amidu Karim
Team Manager   Amara KamaraAssistant TM     Kemokai KallonSecretary           Blamoh Roberts

Kallon Football Club commonly known as F.C. Kallon, formerly Sierra Fisheries, is a Sierra Leonean football club based in Freetown. The club is one of the top clubs in the Sierra Leone National Premier League and play their home games at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown. The club owner, chairman and CEO is a former Sierra Leonean international footballer Mohamed Kallon.

The club is named after and owned by the successful Sierra Leonean footballer Mohamed Kallon, who is renowned for playing for Internazionale and AEK Athens FC.

Sierra Fisheries was acquired by Kallon in 2002. Under the designation of Sierra Fisheries, the club won 3 national championships.

Mohamed Kallon’s  saw the need to invest in football which had been his life and a trade being undertaken by his brothers, Musa Kallon and Kemokai Kallon. He believed that this was the only way through which he could contribute to his country and has always desired his name “Mohamed Kallon” to linger on in the minds of people. He started investing in young talents in the country and brought a large amount of them onboard.  FC Kallon started having a youth setup comprising of the under 14s, 15s, 16s, 19s and the senior team. The youth setup emerged after one of the prominent football figures in Sierra Leone football by the name of ‘Papa Jack’ who was a foreigner working with The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) passed away in 2012.  Mohamed Kallon moved to secure a large amount of his players starting from the under 14s to senior team and tried to recruit them into his own setup so these talents would not go to waste as there was no one else to cater for them.

The club is currently being coached by former Leone Stars player Amidu Karim.

The club has a policy of nurturing players till they’ve reached the standard required internationally and are being sold to generate more income and acquire more fame, some of the players recently sold or who are on trial internationally are:

Abubakarr Suma (Sweden), Kaku Simon (Israel), Okocha (Sweden)


Kallon FC won the Sierra Leonean FA Cup, and the Sierra Leone League title in 2006, and qualifying for the African Champions League.

1982, 1986, 1987 (as Sierra Fisheries)



Performance in CAF competitions

2007 – First Round

1983: Second Round

1988: Preliminary Round


Notable former players



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