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Mighty Blackpool FC

Full name Mighty Blackpool Football Club
Nickname(s) The Tis-Tas Boys
Founded 1923
Ground Siaka Stevens Stadium, Freetown, Sierra Leone
Capacity 36,000
Manager Joshua Coker – Coach:  Abu Sankoh
League Sierra Leone National Premier League

Mighty Blackpool is a Sierra Leonean football club based in the capital Freetown. They play in the Sierra Leone National Premier League, the top football league in the country. Blackpool represents the West End of Freetown and heir home games are played at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown. History The club was founded in 1923 under the name Socro United and they are the oldest and most successful football club in Sierra Leone, having won the Premier League fifteen times and the FA Cup four times. They changed their name to Mighty Blackpool in 1954 to show their admiration for the former Blackpool andEngland player Sir Stanley Matthews. Mighty Blackpool have an intense rivalry with city rivals East End Lions. Although Mighty Blackpool have won the league title fifteen times, the last time they were league champions was in the 2001 season after a dramatic finish to the season saw them finish one point ahead of Old Edwardians. In 1989 Mighty Blackpool reached the quarter-final stages of the African Cup of Champions Clubs; the first time a club from Sierra Leone had reached that stage. In the first round they beat reigning champions ES Sétif from Algeria and on the second round beat Djoliba Athletic Club from Mali, before losing to Tonnerre Yaounde from Cameroon in the quarter finals. In the 2007 league campaign, a 2-0 win over Golf Leopards on 15 July meant that Blackpool were on 24 points from 12 games. Mighty Blackpool’s record in the African Cup of Champions Clubs has mostly seen them eliminated in the early rounds. In 1968 they were due to play Congolese club, Étoile du Congo in the Preliminary round but withdrew from the competition before the matches were played handing Étoile du Congo a walkover, and in 1975 they lost 3-0 on aggregate to Djoliba Athletic Club of Mali in the First round. In 1979 they again lost in the First round, drawing 4-4 with Accra Hearts of Oak SC of Ghana on aggregate but losing out on penalties 4-2. And in 1980 they lost to ASF Police of Senegal 4-1 on aggregate in the First round. In 1989 they reached the Quarter-Final stage of the African Cup of Champions Clubs. In the Preliminary round they had a walkover, when Benfica withdrew from the competition. In the First round they beat Algerian club ES Sétif 5-3 on penalties after the two matches ended all square at 1-1. In the Second round they met Djoliba Athletic Club again, this time winning 2-1 on aggregate. They went out of the competition in the Quarter Final stage losing 4-1 to Cameroon club, Tonnerre Yaoundé. In 1992 they were again eliminated in the First round, this time by Canon Yaoundé of Cameroon after beating LPRC Oilers of Liberia in the Preliminary round. In 2006 they played in the CAF Confederation Cup, losing to CSS Richard-Toll of Senegal in the Preliminary round. Honours League Sierra Leone National Premier League champions: 15 1968, 1974, 1978, 1979, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1991, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001 Cups Sierra Leonean FA Cup winners: 4 1983, 1988, 1994, 2000 Performance in CAF competitions African Cup of Champions Clubs: 6 appearances 1968: withdrew in Preliminary Round 1975: First Round 1979: First Round 1980: First Round 1989: Quarter-Finals 1992: First Round CAF Confederation Cup: 2 appearances 2006 – Preliminary Round CAF Cup Winners’ Cup: 3 appearances 1984 – First Round 1994 – Second Round 2008 – Eliminated in the Second round by CSS of Senegal (Stade Demba Diop) Notable former players Ibrahim “Inspector” Bah, Alhassan Bangura, Umaru Bangura, Albert Cole, Mohamed Kanu, Obi Metzger, Kabba Samura Abu Tommy, Michael Tommy CURRENT SQUAD Idrissa Sesay (Captain), Abdulai Bah (Vice Captain), Seama Sesay (GK), Sulaiman Jalloh, David Kamara, Isaac Davies Johnny Caulker, Bai Bangura, Ibrahim Tommy, Mohamed Mansaray, Ibrahim A.S Kamara, Patrick Stevens Ismeal Bangura, Mohamed Fofanah(Chucky), Gibrilla Kamara, Santigie Sesay, Abdul Rahman Conteh Joseph Samura, Ibrahim Tunkara, Abdul Aziz Barrie Mighty Blackpool FC are currently participating in the  Breakaway Premier League.

East End Lions FC

Full name East End Lions Football Club
Nickname(s) Red Roaring Lions, The Killers
Founded 1928
Ground Siaka Stevens  Stadium Freetown, Sierra Leone
Chairman Sanusie Kargbo
Manager/Coach Alfred Badara Turay/Raymond Lewis (Mourinho)
League Sierra Leone National Premier League
2014 1st out of 14 clubs

East End Lions is a Sierra Leonean professional football club based in the capital Freetown. They play in the Sierra Leone National Premier League, the top football league in Sierra Leone. East End Lions represents the East End of Freetown, and play their home games at the Siaka Stevens Stadium. East End Lions are one of the two biggest and most successful football clubs in Sierra Leonean football history (along with their main rivalry Mighty Blackpool). The club was founded in 1928 and is one of the oldest football clubs in Sierra Leone. East End Lions Football Club was formed by the people living in the eastern part of the city Freetown. It was first called East End Lions Sports Club where other sporting disciplines were involved but was later narrowed down to just football. East End Lions have an intense rivalry with fellow powerhouse Mighty Blackpool who have won the National League 15 times. When these two clubs play each other at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown, tickets are often sold out. Homours

1977, 1980, 1985, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997, 1999, 2005, 2009, 2010. 2014.

1965 1973, 1980, 1989. Performance in CAF competitions

1998 – Preliminary Round 2006 – Preliminary Round 2010 – Preliminary Round 2011 – Preliminary Round

1981: First Round 1986: withdrew in Preliminary Round 1994: First Round

1992 – First Round

1990 – Second Round   Notable former players

Current  Squad GOALKEEPERS  Mohamed Kanu (Fishball), Unisa P. Koroma (Pepe), Samuel Melville (Pain Box) DEFENDERS Mohamed Bah (Wise)(C), Desmond Wellington (Shark), Osman Y. Kamara (Yakayakay) Issa Kamara (Jap Stam), Moray Tarawallie (Viera), Mustapha Kamara, Kemson Fofana MIDFIELDERS Amara Kamara (Whitex), Ali Kamara (Levice), Sahr Morsay (Sahr Gehgehma) Abdul Koyateh (Budubudu), Foday Samura (Pizzaro), Abu Sesay (Pa Abu), Seray Jah Omega Thoronka (Amanki), Donald Wellington, Kai Gborie, Zacariah Scott  STRIKERS Larry Carter, Foday Conteh (Fabregas), Ali Conteh’ Kotor Dunia East End Lions are currently participating in the Breakaway Premier League

Ports Authority FC

Full name Ports Authority Football Club
Nickname(s) Founded       The Water Front Boys 1964
Ground National Stadium Freetown, Sierra Leone
Capacity 36,000
Owner Coach                 Sierra Leone Port Authority (SLPA)Alusine Bala Kargbo
Chairman Musa Sesay
Team Manager Ibrahim Takura Kamara
League Sierra Leone National Premier League

Ports Authority Football Club is a Sierra Leonean professional football club based in the capital Freetown. The club is a member of the Sierra Leone National Premier League, which is the top football division in Sierra Leone. The club is owned and run by the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA). Ports Authority do their training at the Attouga Mini Stadium and  play their home games at the National Stadium in Freetown. One of the biggest and most popular football clubs in Sierra Leone, they won the Sierra Leone National Premier League championship in 1973 and again in 2008, 11 and 14. They have won the Sierra Leonean FA Cup competition on two consecutive times in 1990 and 1991. Ports Authority have an intense rivalry with East End Lions as both clubs come from the east end of Freetown. In 1996, Ports Authority became the first and only Sierra Leonean football club to reach the quarter-final ofCAF Confederation Cup. The Sierra Leone Ports Authority is sole sponsor of the club who is responsible for players wages, welfare and everything pertaining the smooth running of the club. Ports Authority Football Club has been one of the most successful club in the east and as well as in the country as a whole. It caters for a large amount of younger talents, paving the way for these talents to success and ensure that they are being able to live their dreams. Due to the sole sponsorship with the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA), whenever the SLPA is in crisis, it affects the club and sometimes made the club to crumble. When the ebola virus was in Sierra Leone, Ports Authority FC where still paying their players even though there weren’t football activity in the country for two years and they where the last club to win the League before the outbreak. They recently won a trophy in January 2016 organized by The East End Lions Fan Club. Achievements

1973, 2008, 2011, 2014.

1990, 1991, 2004, 2011. Performance in CAF competitions

2000 – Preliminary Round 2009 – Preliminary Round 2012

1974 – First Round

2007 – First Round 2011 – Preliminary Round

1996 – Quarter-Finals

1991 – disqualified in First Round 1992 – First Round Notable players

CURRENT SQUAD Denis Decker, Saio Conteh, Alhassan Sesay, Mohamed Lamin Kamara (c), Salif Conteh, Lahai Kallon, Mohamed Kamara Embamb, Julius Goba, Musa Kamara, Abu Kanu, Ibrahim Kamara, Patrick Vandi, Edward Cole, Kalusha Kamara Kelfala Mara (Zokora), James Wanga, Ibrahim Kamara (Yenkinie), Saidu Sesay (Sema), Sullay Kamara, Mark Rado Milliom Sesay, Ibrahim Kamara (Pizza), Mohamed Lamin Bangura (National Team), Mohamed Turay Ports Authority are currently participating in the Breakaway Premier League

FC Kallon

Full name Kallon Football Club
Founded 2002
Ground Siaka Stevens Stadium Freetown, Sierra Leone
Capacity 36,000
Owner Mohamed Kallon
Chairman Mohamed Kallon
Manager Amidu Karim
Team Manager   Amara KamaraAssistant TM     Kemokai KallonSecretary           Blamoh Roberts

Kallon Football Club commonly known as F.C. Kallon, formerly Sierra Fisheries, is a Sierra Leonean football club based in Freetown. The club is one of the top clubs in the Sierra Leone National Premier League and play their home games at the Siaka Stevens Stadium in Freetown. The club owner, chairman and CEO is a former Sierra Leonean international footballer Mohamed Kallon. The club is named after and owned by the successful Sierra Leonean footballer Mohamed Kallon, who is renowned for playing for Internazionale and AEK Athens FC. Sierra Fisheries was acquired by Kallon in 2002. Under the designation of Sierra Fisheries, the club won 3 national championships. Mohamed Kallon’s  saw the need to invest in football which had been his life and a trade being undertaken by his brothers, Musa Kallon and Kemokai Kallon. He believed that this was the only way through which he could contribute to his country and has always desired his name “Mohamed Kallon” to linger on in the minds of people. He started investing in young talents in the country and brought a large amount of them onboard.  FC Kallon started having a youth setup comprising of the under 14s, 15s, 16s, 19s and the senior team. The youth setup emerged after one of the prominent football figures in Sierra Leone football by the name of ‘Papa Jack’ who was a foreigner working with The Catholic Relief Service (CRS) passed away in 2012.  Mohamed Kallon moved to secure a large amount of his players starting from the under 14s to senior team and tried to recruit them into his own setup so these talents would not go to waste as there was no one else to cater for them. The club is currently being coached by former Leone Stars player Amidu Karim. The club has a policy of nurturing players till they’ve reached the standard required internationally and are being sold to generate more income and acquire more fame, some of the players recently sold or who are on trial internationally are: Abubakarr Suma (Sweden) Kaku Simon (Israel) Okocha (Sweden) Honours Kallon FC won the Sierra Leonean FA Cup, and the Sierra Leone League title in 2006, and qualifying for the African Champions League.

1982, 1986, 1987 (as Sierra Fisheries) 2006

2007 Performance in CAF competitions

2007 – First Round

1983: Second Round 1988: Preliminary Round

2012 Notable players

CURRENT SQUAD Isaac Caulker (Gk), Andy Kamara (RB), Abdul Karim Kamara (LB), Abubakarr Samura (CB), Balie Kamara (MD) Mohamed Fornah (RF), Kenima Stevens (MD), Gibrilla Kamara (STK), Emmanuel Samadi, Sallu Kamara Issa Kamara, Abdul Rahman Turay, Aruna Kamara, Alimamy Kamara, Ya Musa Kamara, Hassan Kamara Kandeh Turay, Sallieu Wurie, Hassan Koroma, Kabiru Mansaray, Saidu Fofanah, Ibrahim Mansaray Sulaiman Kamara, Ibrahim Kamara FC Kallon are currently participating in the Breakaway PremierLeague

Old Edwardians FC

Full name :         Old Edwardians Football Club Nickname(s):    The May Park Boys Ground :   National Stadium Freetown, Sierra Leone Capacity:   36,000 Manager : Elvis Kargbo Chairman : Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai Coach : Boizy Assistant Coach/ Player: Parisco League:     Sierra Leone National Premier League Old Edwardians Football Club commonly known as Old Edwards or simply Edwards is a Sierra Leonean football club based in the capital Freetown. The club is a member of the Sierra Leone National Premier League, the top football league in Sierra Leone. Old Edwardians are one of the biggest and most popular clubs in Sierra Leone. Former Sierra Leonean international footballer Mohamed Kallon started his professional football career at Old Edwardians as a fifteen-year-old. Old Edwardians FC is the only Premier League Club which is associated with a Secondary School, St. Edwards Secondary School. The club is set up to identify football talents in the School and help them develop. Old Edwardians do their training at the school grounds located at Kingtom, Freetown. Honours Sierra Leone National Premier League champions: 1 1990 Sierra Leonean FA Cup winners: 3 1984, 2001, 2005 Notable Players Lamin Conteh( Junior Tumbu), Amidu Karim, Obreh Kargbo, Magnus Campbell, Jonathan Major, Balae Balae Musa Kuwait, Tostao, Mohamed Kallon, Current Squad Momoh (C), Mohamed Strong, Yusuf Koboko, Pateh Bah, Christian Bangura, Thomas Asla, Abubakarr Sesay (Ozil) Idrissa Kallon, Rashid Kargbo, Ali Bakarr, Ibrahim Fatoma, Tom Bongay, Dados, Stados, Ibrahim John Kamara Donald Wellington, Alusine Turay (Abacha), Bai Zambo Bangura, Aliah Fofanah, Apache, Vandersa Tommy Mohamed Kamara (P.U), Abubakarr Kamara, Abubakarr Mansaray (Robinho), Abubakarr Barrie Mahmadu Barrie, Habibu Jalloh, Mohamed Samura (Jam body)   Old Edwardians are currently participating in the  Breakaway Premier League.

FC Johansen

FC Johansen is a Sierra Leonean football club. Fullname:  Football Club Johansen Founded:  2004 Ground:     Sierra Leone Football Academy Coach:      John Keister Owner:     Isha Johansen (Tejan Cole) The team was founded in 2004 and is based in the city of Freetown. The club is run by Isha Johansen (Tejan Cole) and her Norwegian husband Arne Birger Johansen. The club started with the objective of giving hope to a group of young people, using sport as a means of channeling their energy into a positive healthy direction. In 2010, FC Johansen was not playing the Sierra Leone league. In 2011, they played for the first time in the Sierra Leone division One league. That year they did not lose a single match and were promoted to the Premier division. 2012 was their first year in the Premier League where they finished fourth behind Diamond Stars, Kallon FC and End Lions. 2013, is their 2nd year in the Sierra Leone Premier League. In February/March 2013, the club had its maiden appearance at the continental level. It played Barack Young Controller FC (Liberian Second Division team) in the CAF Confederation Cup. FC Johansen lost 1-0 on aggregate and did not progress to the next round. They have a squad consisting of young players as that is the goal of the team to promote these young talents and empower them in their discipline. Performance in CAF competitions CAF Confederation Cup: 1 appearance 2013 – They  won the Swiss Youth cup in 2011 by defeating Liverpool FC 1-0 in which George Davies scored the only goal of that match. They’ve had a long unbeaten run in Division 1 and the Premier League of 29 games between 2011 and 2012. NOTABLE PLAYERS George ‘Kwaku’ Davies, Mahdi Kalay(Lebanon Goalkeeper), Ismail Koroma CURRENT SQUAD Sorie Barrie (C), Yemi Dunia, Abu Suma, Ibrahim Kamara, Kwame Quee, Nyakeh O. Alpha, George Mata, Abdul Bangura(Babu), Unisa Sesay, Denis Kamara, Solomon Menu, Saidu Bundu, Joseph Kanu, Abu Kanu(Abedi), Keita Bangura, Musa Kamara, Foday Kamara, Abubakarr Kamara, Amadu Kanji

Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces FC

Full name; Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces FC          

Founded; 2002 Coach;  Alimamy Bangura T.M; Captain Deen Sesay Chairman; Alfred Paolo Conteh   GroundWusum Sports Stadium MakeniSierra Leone Capacity 2,000 LeagueSierra Leone National Premier League Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces FC or simply RSLAF FC is a Sierra Leonean professional football club based in Makeni. They play in the Sierra Leone National Premier League, the top football league in Sierra Leone. In 2002, the military though it fit that they should formed a football club which should aim at strengthening their civil relationship with the general populace and they finally formed the club to ensure or achieve this objective. The RSLAF EC aims at relieving stress from these military personal. They started their footballing campaign from Non Division in 2002. In 2008, they went for a playoff to qualify for The Sierra Leone National Premier League which is the top footballing discipline in Sierra Leone but failed. In 2012, they qualify for The Sierra Leone National Premier League coming from Division One. In the 2012-13 seasons which were their first participation in the National League, they emerged as the runners up in the campaign. In 2013, the represented Sierra Leone in the WAFU Competition and they played their first match against Gamtel FC of The Gambia they lose 1-0 and the return leg they were also defeated 2-0 at home. The club is run by the Military and pays players and staff by a contribution made by the whole military which is one thousand Leones and it is being directed to the club and being used to run the club and also give them half a bag of rice The club is made up of 60% civilian and 40% soldiers. They recruit players in the military from a competition known as The Inter Brigade and Inter Battalion competition which includes all the battalions in the country and the Brigades, the finest talent are recruited into the football club. THE Republic Of Sierra Leone Armed Force Football Club do their training at the military ground at Wilberforce known as The Hockey Pitch.   Honours Sierra Leone National Premier League Runners-up (1 time): 2013 Stadium Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces FC plays their home games at the 2000 capacity Wusum Sports Stadium.   CURRENT SQUAD Mustapha Sankoh (GK), Hassan Jalloh (GK), Mamori Marah (BR), David Koroma (LB), David Jnneh (CB) Biankay Koroma (CB), Ernest Fatouma (MD), Alimamy Kamara (MD), Foday Sheriff (c)(MD) Ibrahim Sillah (STK), Ishmael Fofanah (STK), Sei Coleman (STK), Alfred Kargbo, Sahr Juma Jalloh Sorie Kabba, Joseph Tengbeh, Sam Kabba, Kelvin Bangura, Abubakarr Jalloh, Abubakarr Conteh, Adolish Kamara

Central Parade FC

Full name Central Parade FC
Nickname(s) Seidya Boys
Founded 2006
Ground Parade Football Ground Freetown, Sierra Leone
Chairman Mohamed Alie Barrie
Manager Sheka Kargbo
CoachSecretary        Bobson SeasayNowell Hutton (acting)
League Sierra Leone National Premier League

Central Parade formerly Cenegal FC, is a Sierra Leonean football club from the capital Freetown, Sierra Leone currently a member of the Sierra Leone National Premier League which is the top football division in Sierra Leone. Cenegal FC was the name it first had before being changed to Central Parade, they where first located at the western part of Freetown before being moved to the central part and where they train at the Kay Tee Field playing ground in Kingtom. Performance in CAF Competitions

2010 – Preliminary Round   Notable former players

Current Squad Sylvanus Thompson (Gk), Gbassa Kanu (RB), Alpha Kamara (LB),  Alhassan Bah (CD), Edward Fornah (CD)Mohamed Kanu (MF), Tejan Deen (MF), Patrick Conteh (MD)(C) , Bernard Bangura (STK), Melvin Kanneh (STK), Ibrahim Koroma (STK), Sheka Turay (GK), Foday P. Kamara, Ibrahim B. Kamara, Mohamed Sillah, Abass Kamara, Prince Bangura , Faud Kargbo

Anti Drugs Strikers FC
Full name            Anti Drugs Strikers FC Founded              1993 Ground                EBK Stadium, Newton, Sierra Leone Capacity              1,000 CEO                     Alhaji Unisa Halim Sesay (AWOKO) Manager              Ibrahim Kalokoh (DJ Kaloxs) Head Coach         Raymond Gerald Hunter Assi Coach           Abdul Aziz Jalloh Secretary            Osman Kamara League                Sierra Leone National Premier League Anti Drugs Strikers FC is a Sierra Leonean professional football club based in Newton, Sierra Leone. They play in theSierra Leone National Premier League, the top football league in Sierra Leone. The club was founded in 1993. The club was first founded for junior players like the under 14s level, and the main purpose of its creation was to see how best they can mobilize youths against the use of drugs through football in the east as the name implies “Anti Drugs Strikers”. The eastern parts of Freetown is known for its high rate of gangsters and rising  crime rate due to various challenges faced by youths, due to this flaw in the society, it pave the way for the creation of a forum where youths will be given the opportunity to show case their talents in the positive way thorough soccer. Anti Drugs Striker FC had a long and tough battle to reach the Sierra Leone Premier League which is the top football discipline in Sierra Leone. Due to the rebel war in Sierra Leone, the club died down and in 2008, it sprang up again and started playing the ‘Non Division League’. In 2009, they went for the Division 2 League  where they for two seasons and in 2010, they were crown Champions of the Division 2 League and qualified for the Division 1. In 2011, they went for the playoffs in the Division 1 League went through all the stages and were knocked out by FC Johansen. In 2013, they won the Division 1 and qualify for the Sierra Leone Premier League for the first time, they eliminated the Sierra Leone Police FC. They have never participated in any International competition SPONSORS The club is being sponsored by The National Council for the Prevention of Alcoholism & Drug Dependency who helps to pass on the message to youths in the country to avoid drug uses. They also have a sponsor with Kisho Shankadas which is a beverage company and they club advertise the Ram energizer drink. SUCCESS They have won the Division 2&1 League in 2010 & 13 respectively. They have won the John Fitzgerald Kennedy tournament twice (the tournament is hosted to remember the death of former US President John F. Kennedy as the club is part of the John F. Kennedy school board, teams who participate are East End Lions FC, FC Kallon, Mighty Blackpool FC and Anti Drugs Strikers but participation of other clubs in the tournament changes). They have also won the International Day Against Illicit Trafficking & Drugs, a one day competition in which they invite and other clubs of their choice. NOTABLE PLAYERS     Hassan T. Kuyateh (now  playing in Jordan). Abu Wilson (Germany playing for Keisersluken). Paul Kabba Tucker. The club is being coached by Raymond Gerald Hunter a FIFA & CAF license coach from 2008 till now. Raymond Gerald Hunter have a Non Divison club known as FC Rald taken from his name ‘Gerald’ which serve as a feeder club for the  Anti Drugs Strikers FC. This feeder club is owned by Raymond Gerald Hunter and uses his resources to run the club, this feeder club is very successful as it has won several community competitons and due to the nature of Anti Drugs Striker which comprise greater percentage of young players. CURRENT SQUAD GOALKEEPERS Lamin Kargbo, Usif Bayoh, Alhassan B. Sesay DEFENDERS Joseph Demby, Minkailu Janneh, Morlai Sesay, Ibrahim Sesay, Mohamed L. Sesay, Alpha C. Mansaray Patrick K. Lebbie, Moses Conteh, Gibrilla Bangura MIDFIELDERS Ibrahim Gbla, Abu Farma, George Kargbo, Momoh T. Kamara,  Sunny Kamara, Alex Sesay, Paikie Kamara Mohamed Kamara, Abubakarr Kamara STRIKERS Ismail Turay, Solomon Vandi, Frederick Musa, Osman J. Sesay, Sallu K. Kabba, Kabba Tucker, Mohamed Sillah Alimamy Sesay, Mohamed Daffie

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