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Musa did not leave Sweden because of the cold weather but over money disagreement

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As we all know, Musa Tombo is a very hard working and committed player who would not have left his duties without a valid reason. So all the drama on social media about what happened in Sweden is a cautious judgment. 

According to a confirmed source, who i cannot name here because of some reason, Musa Tombo was owned by a Freetown based club known as AIK Freetown. This club is owned by Tombo’s agent, Chernor Musa Jalloh.

Tombo was on loan to East End Lions for the duration of the past SL Premier League season, which East End Lions won, with Musa topping the scoring chart with 15 goals. 

According to the loan agreement between AIK Freetown and East End Lions, Musa would be sold by AIK Freetown should any deal came up. And that East End Lions would have no hands in it.
During this period, however, East End Lions allegedly signed an illegal contract with Musa for thirty million Leones (Le 30,000,000), of which Le 10,000,000 was given to Tombo as advance. 
With this secret contact, East Lions believed they had a stake in the player, hoping to make a profit if he was sold. 
Mind you, this is known as tapping in football. Illegally going into permanent contract with a player that is owned by another team. This could lead to a ban or fine for a club.
Therefore, when a contract came for Musa in Sweden, East End Lions claimed to own the player. There was a tussle before he even left for Sweden. 
Eventually, although Musa was sold by AIk Freetown to Trelleborg FF, handled by Tombo’s agent, Chernor Musa for seventy five thousand Euros (€ 75,000). 
As part of the deal, Tombo was offered ten percent (%10) of the selling fee, which should be €7,500. Musa allegedly refused the offer, saying the money was too small. And that he deserved more.
This is the reason why Musa decided to abandon his contract in Sweden and return to Sierra Leone.
Meanwhile, East End Lions were also hoping to get something from the deal, based on the dubious and illegal contract with Tombo. It’s also claimed that East End Lions did everything possible to have the deal in Sweden cancelled. 
Based on the discussion with my source, the money offered to Musa is fair. Because, according to my source, his agent Chernor Musa, had spent a lot of his own money on Musa’s career. 
He was the one who sent Musa to Sweden for trials last year, spending thousands of dollars on the footballer. Musa Tombo had to travel to Nigeria for his visa, at the expense of his agent. According to my source, Chernor Musa even put Musa on an Le 800,000 monthly salary, whether the footballer was playing or not.
Therefore, Musa should have taken the %10 and move on with his career in Sweden. After all, he would be receiving his week/monthly salary during the duration of his contract.
According to my source, Musa showed greed and ungratefulness by turning down the %10 offer and asking for more and eventually demanding to be returned home.
As it stands now, Musa is in Freetown, in the custody of Isha Johansen. The SLFA President has called a meeting  with AIK Freetown and East End Lions present to try and iron thing out.

She has promised to settle the matter in the shortest possible period, and ensure that the young player returns to Sweden and continue his contact. 
And again, Isha has even called the authorities in Sweden to have the contract put on hold, pending an investigation back home in Sierra Leone.
What we don’t know at the moment is: ‘Was Tombo promised more than %10 of the selling fee before the deal? Or was he threatened by some people to return to Sierra Leone?’

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