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Rodney Michael Says!

Love not Hate, Peace not Violence!

We are a Nation of 16 ethnic groups, 16 districts, 5 Regions but one people, and our country is the beautiful Sierra Leone.

We are friendly and loving, willing to always open our doors to everyone.

We share a lot in common and our humanity is second to none. We care for each other and are never shy to show our love for one another.

We have far more in common than divides us, and we pride ourselves on religious tolerance.

We are not perfect but we are a good people, and our humanity is admired by all we come in contact with, especially tourists and expatriates.

These are all the good things associated with us as a people and as a Nation, and we must continue to protect and treasure these wonderful virtues.

We need to preach love not hate, and peace not violence to our youths. Let us not incite but rather encourage them to be law abiding and teach them to express their concerns in a peaceful and legal way.

Our youths are our jewel and the future leaders and as such we need to guide and protect them.

Let us as a people, with one loyalty to our country Sierra Leone, promote the wonderful things we are proud of and maintain peace always.

Let us be united and proud of our culture and heritage for ours is a beautiful country that we are so proud of.

Let us remember the 1st line in the National Pledge;

“I pledge my love and loyalty to my country Sierra Leone.”

Let us recite the last two lines of the first paragraph of our National Anthem,

“Blessing and peace be ever thine own,
Land that we love, our Sierra Leone.”

And let us never forget our National Motto;


I am a friend, not a foe! I mean well!


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