By M.B. Jalloh

Born 20 years ago in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh, to Sierra Leonean parents, Yousuf Sillah grew up with passion for Football, and has chosen it as his favourite sport and, where possible, his future career.

For Yousuf, becoming a world class footballer is an aspiration he would passionately pursue under all circumstances.

Already, Yousuf has demonstrated tremendous potential. In middle school, he was the main striker who led his school team to victory in a number of inter-school and in-house tournaments. No surprise that at the tender age of 13, he had become a household name in his neighbourhood in Riyadh. Known among his peers as the Football Kid, Yousuf’s passion for football defies all odds.

In pursuit of his aspiration, he joined a football academy in Riyadh without the knowledge of his parents to further harness his skills and equip him for the future football star he aspires to become.

But at 14, his father sent him to his home country, Sierra Leone, with the purpose of getting him socialised in the culture of his country of origin. There, in Sierra Leone, along with his schooling, he pursued his dream with characteristic vigour, by taking part in football activities at his school. At some point, he joined some of the football clubs in Sierra Leone, Diamond Stars of Kono and the Africa Youth Soccer Academy (AYAD) in Freetown. Unfortunately, he quickly found out that his Kono and Freetown based clubs at the time were at variance with his expectations in terms of pace and depth of skills set.

Yousuf, therefore, decided to move on in search of a football club where he would realise his dream of stardom in the world’s most coveted sport.

In 2021, he travelled to the Egyptian capital, Cairo in pursuit of both his academic and football aspirations. But while football prospects are high in Egypt, the competition is inordinately stiff and the gifted young football enthusiast is yet to achieve a breakthrough in joining a club in the North African country.

This twist in his expectations notwithstanding, his passion for football has never dampened, if anything; Yousuf’s determination to become a global football star has flourished like a plum of flowers in spring. In an interview with him, the young and dynamic Yousuf said he had joined a prestigious football academy in Cairo where players who aspire to join major football clubs in Africa and Europe have had their skills and discipline reinforced.

In this accompanying video and photos, potential football agents or clubs could find convincing evidence of Yousuf’s formidable skills which, if given the opportunity, could make him a formidable, if not an irresistible striking force for any team he may be involved with.

Yousuf’s preferred position on the pitch is the left wing, but being the versatile player he is, he can perform just as well in the right wing and as a central attacking midfielder. Yousuf is looking forward to attracting the attention of potential football clubs around the world, especially in European countries like: England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

Noting how stardom in sports, particularly football, could bring one’s country to the limelight, Yousuf could easily follow the glowing footsteps of Sierra Leone’s football legend, Mohamed Kallon.

Through his spectacular performance and effective contribution to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ittihad, a renowned football club based in Jeddah, in winning the Asian Champions League, Mohamed Kallon marketed and branded Sierra Leone in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Gulf region. Prior to Kallon’s arrival in Saudi Arabia, many Saudis, and perhaps many other Arab nationals, would mistake Sierra Leone for Sri Lanka. But since then, Saudis can easily relate to Sierra Leone. Thanks to the outstanding ambassadorial role Mohamed Kallon so remarkably played through his admirable display of talent and skills on the Saudi football fields. Kallon would go on to likewise brand Sierra Leone when he played for Italian giants, Inter Milan.

Now, here is another rising star in the horizon, who, if given the opportunity, is poised to raise the Green, White & Blue flag and rebrand Sierra Leone across the world. No doubt, therefore, young Yousuf deserves the help of every Sierra Leonean and anyone passionate about the beautiful game, to enable him fulfill his potential in the world of football.

Yousuf can be reached on the following platforms:

Yousuf Sillah

Instagram: yousufsillah_y7

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Tel: +20 112 850 5277